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Hunting Farms

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We start our season Labor Day weekend on our 3,000 acre shooting preserve. At that time you can combo Canadian Geese with your pheasant hunt. We have a large population of local Canadian Geese. The State of South Dakota opened up a deprivation hunt for the month of September where you can shoot up to 15 geese per day. Licenses can be easily obtained from the SD - GFP website.  There are lots of local dove but the migration usually happens the first couple weeks of September.

The first Saturday of Oct. is opening of Waterfowl Season. Once again you can combo waterfowl with pheasants. There are lots of local ducks and a few geese but the northern migration is usually the last two weeks of October through Thanksgiving depending on the weather.

The most popular hunt for hunters staying at the lodge is three days for pheasants. Because we have a shooting preserve you can shoot up to fifteen birds a day. State limit is three. Most hunters want to get fifteen in three days.

We recommend four days for the waterfowl-pheasant combo hunt. On this hunt you waterfowl in the morning, pheasant hunt midday, waterfowl in the evening.

The Tundra Swan have made a huge come back in the last couple years. Combo this hunt with Pheasant & Waterfowl. You need at least 4 days for this hunt. Best time is the first two or three weeks of November. Be ready for a lot of hunting! We close our season at the end of March with the popular spring snow goose and pheasant hunt. We recommend at least 4 days for this type of hunt.

In planning your travels we recommend you arrive the afternoon before your hunting date. We go through a safety check of the guns and hunters and help any beginners. You can leave on a late flight on the day of your last hunt - works well, and you don’t lose a day traveling. To take your game home, bring a heavy duty duffel bag. Then if you have to, you can carry it on the plane with you or check it.